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evitea®SlimShake - Diet Plan

Do you want to lose weight in an efficient way and avoid the yoyo effect? Follow our evitea Slim-Shake Diet Plan to achieve your goals easily and lead a healthy lifestyle. 

evitea® Slim Shake Is also your ideal partner for weight loss in the context of a low calorie diet.


If the body consumes more calories than it absorbs during the day, it will access the energy reserves that are in the fat deposits, causing them to dissolve and lose weight.  

Thanks to its protein-rich and low-calorie formula. The evitea Slim Shake helps you control the total calorie intake, without losing muscle mass.  

By supporting and improving the muscle level as well as stimulating the metabolism, it supports the body by keeping the energy consumption in the same Level, which is essential to avoid a yo-yo effect. 



Do you want to lose weight in an efficient way and avoid the yoyo effect? Follow our evitea Slim-Shake diet plan to achieve your goals easily and to lead a healthy lifestyle. 


Start your diet plan with a swing and lose weight in the first already in the first 5 to 9 days! 

At this stage, breakfast and dinner will be replaces with the Evites Slim Shake. At lunch time, eat a meal with a maximum content of 500 kcal. In this phase the body consumes the fat reserves to convert it into energy.  

 We recommend to carry out at least half an hour daily physical activity and to drink 1.5 to 3 liters of water. 



Until you reach your desired weight, take two low calorie meals (up to 500kcal) and an EVITEA Slim Shake in the evening. 

Physical activity is important during this phase to maintain active metabolism and avoid stagnation of weight loss. 


The goal of the third and final phase is to use healthy nutritional habits to get the results of the first phases. 

In this phase it is recommended to accompany 1 to 3 low-calorie meals with the Slim Shake to achieve an increased sense of satiety Practice regularly a physical activity that you enjoy! The muscle mass of your body is thus maintained and your metabolism remains active to consume more calories during the day. 

If you fall into temptation and have eaten or drunk excessively, you can resume Phase 1 for a week.

evitea® SLIM SHAKE

evitea® Slim Shake is the ideal supplement to a healthy diet with a high proportion of high-quality proteins. 


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