Slim Shake

evitea® Slim Shake

Are you looking for a way to control what you eat and yet remain healthy and vital by consuming all vital nutrients?

evitea® Slim Shake is the solution for you!

evitea® SLIM SHAKE

evitea® Slim Shake is the ideal supplement to a healthy diet with a high proportion of high-quality Proteins.

The amino acids contained in the proteins are important nutrients which regulate vital processes in the body. When present in sufficient amounts in the body, they help to stimulate the metabolism and thus increase your well-being.


The whey protein in the evitea Slim Shake is that with the highest biological value. It is absorbed very quickly by the body, which makes it ideal to supply the muscles quickly, for example after physical activity.

The evitea® Slim Shake Sojaprotein provides the body with long-term effects through components such as lecithin and a high amount of essential amino acids.

In addition, soy protein contains a high proportion of vitamins and minerals, as well as a considerable amount of B complex vitamins, vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and iron, which are indispensable for a lean and strong Body.

The combination of both proteins provides a fast and persistent effect for an effective protection of the muscles after physical activity, a noticeable improvement of the metabolism and a long lasting sense of satiety.


We recommend the consumption of 1 to 3 evitea shakes together with the main meals, as well as another after the sport.The evitea® Slim Shake is ideal as an addition to low-calorie meals to achieve a faster and long-lasting sense of satiety  We recommend the consumption of 1 to 3 evitea shakes together with your  main meals, as well as a further one after the physical activity.


250 ml water or low-fat milk (0.3% fat)

30 Gram Powder

Add 3 leveled measuring spoons of the powder (30 g)


Add your favorite extra ingredients*


Mix and enjoy everything in a blender or Shaker!

* When using milk or extra ingredients, their nutritional values ​​should be included

Slim Shake Diet plan

evitea® Slim Shake is also your ideal partner to achieve your weight loss goals within a hypocaloric nutrition plan.


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Use the evitea Super BRN Capsules as a supplement to any diet plan, to estimulate  your metabolism in a natural way.


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